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Steps to Your Perfect Body

Personalised Nutrition Plan

We prepare personalised diet plans for you based on your biochemical status, history and genes after carefully analyzing the information you submit online.


Exercise Program

Eating right is just half the battle, the other half is won with proper exercise. We design an exercise program for you after assessing your individual capabilities, your health history and the result you are targeting at. During this course, we keep a close tab on you and modify your workout plan periodically.


Lifestyle Modification

Not getting your desired results despite strict dieting and exhaustive workout? Perhaps you are ignoring something crucial! We, at DietFunda, believe that other factors like sleep, water intake, eating psychology, stress etc. play an equally important role in good health. Our plan includes simple lifestyle modification strategies which will help you achieve your results smoothly.

    Eat sensibly and exercise without excuses- Each drop of sweat matters.
I strongly believe that all individuals can have a healthy life if they genuinely work to achieve it because our body can do anything, it's our brain we have to convince.   

- Elina Wadia

Weight Loss

  • Personal guidance
  • Easy to follow diet plan
  • Healthy & gradual weight loss

Diabetes Management

  • Holistic approach
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Online educational sessions

Healthy Heart

  • Guidance on heart healthy eating
  • Simple lifestyle modifications
  • 24/7 support

Pregnancy Care

  • Special diet and exercise plan
  • Weight management strategies
  • Guidance on lactation included

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